Yaga, the Slavic-themed action RPG, has a new trailer presenting Kikimora

The “creepy scarecrow lady” Kikomora is the newest character reveal for action RPG Yaga, which is based on Slavic folktales.

Publisher Versus Evil has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming action RPG Yaga, and this one shows off one of the more nefarious characters you’ll encounter in the game. She’s called Kikimora, and she’s a right nasty scarecrow lady who’s also quite proficient with spikes. Have a look below:

But wait, the Kikimora need not be all bad! Here’s how the publisher describes this household spirit:

In Slavic legend, Kikimoras are female house spirits. At night she enters through the keyhole of a home, sits on the sleeping inhabitants’ chests, and strangles them to death.It was wise to leave a key or piece of paper in your door. If your house in orderly and neat, she may actually help out in the home, taking care of dishes and livestock. If your house was a mess, she would further wreck your home, by breaking dishes, or tangling up your needles and thread. Ivan’s not known for keeping a neat and tidy house, he’s a blacksmith afterall, so he’s in for a lot of trouble when he crosses a Kikimora’s path.

See, so she’s like a really particular AI assistant… who might kill you if she doesn’t like your house. But won’t they all?

Yaga is an action RPG set in the narratives of Slavic folklore, in which you play as the one-handed blacksmith Ivan, who is caught up between a tzar giving him impossible tasks, a witch manipulating him, and a grandma who wants him to find a wife. Yaga is expected to release later this year on PC, Apple Arcade, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

For more information on Yaga, have a look at the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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