Worldy Cup

5 Indie football game alternatives to FIFA and PES

Forever the conversation about football games has been - FIFA or PES? Despite having released excellent games in recent years PES has lost the battle primarily because of FIFA’s unstoppable marketing campaigns....

Event[0] – Review

Event puts you in space, stuck on a spaceship with a moody AI that you communicate with by typing out natural sentences. Here's what we think about it. Whoever thought AI chatbots were a great way to interface...

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire – Review

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is a tactics game in which you must save your people from an invading empire. Here's what we think about it. The kingdom of Avestan is in peril, besieged by the Astral Empir...

Top 3 picks: Humble GameMaker Bundle

The Humble GameMaker Bundle is available and you have 8 days remaining to take advantage of it! GameMaker is an accessible game development suite that allows players to quickly design and test game ideas. The G...

Klang: Guitar Hero and God of War have a baby

If Guitar Hero and God of War had a baby it would be Klang. The game is a combination of an action game and a rhythm game. Players must complete action game scenarios in the style of rhythm games such as Guitar...

Jotun: Nintendo are taking players to Valhalla

Jotun is a hand drawn action-exploration game based on Norse mythology. The game originally launched last year on PC to positive reviews and it is now coming to the Wii U. This is part of Nintendo’s Nindie Summ...