Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Go Fever

Pokémon Go developed by the company you can hardly pronounce without hurting your jaw Niantic Labs is not new to me. I played their previous Augmented Reality (AR) title Ingress a few times the last years, whic...
Lovely Planet Arcade

Lovely Planet Arcade – Review

The first thing I noticed about Lovely Planet Arcade was that I couldn’t look up or down. This immediately took me back to Doom—not the new one, mind, but the original, classic Doom. It felt like an unspoken re...

Phantaruk – A first look

Phantaruk by Polyslash is a first person survival horror set on a derelict space station available on Steam in August 2016. https://youtu.be/37CQd9tRHn0 I’ve always been a massive fan of the survival horr...
Torn City

Torn City – Review

My first day in Torn City was the most remarkable one. I joined a gym, got a job, went to college, found a working personal computer in the dump, hospitalised a training dummy and got shot in the groin. It was ...