Asura is a roguelike with procedurally generated skill trees in which you play as a demon on a quest for vengeance against the Daevas. Here’s when it’s out.

Games with an Indian flavour are few and far-between, but games actually made in India are fewer. And then, Asura comes charging in with its red-skinned, horn-headed demon protagonist, out to kill the gods. There’s a lot of God of War in that premise, to be sure, but unlike that series, Asura is decidedly more of a Diablo-esque hack-and-slash affair. According to the developers, the game will launch on April 14th.

Asura follows the titular demon, originally a child sacrificed by a Maharaja, but then given refuge by demon lords. Now, with a thirst for bloody vengeance, the demon is out to kill the Daevas. It remains to be seen if the game will ruffle any religious feathers in its home country, which is under a particularly conservative, right-wing government at the moment, and where censorship can be as stifling as it can be baffling.

As far as gameplay goes, Asura will involve lots of hacking and slashing, which puts it alongside the likes of Path of Exile or Grim Dawn. Unusually, the game’s 80+ skills will be drawn out on a procedurally generated skill tree. The game being a roguelike, its environments will take players through five fortresses, with unique enemies in each one.

Developer Ogre Head Studio has released a couple of trailers, the first of which showcases some of the gameplay, while the latter focuses on the game’s plot. In an authenticity-adding move that I appreciate, both trailers are narrated in Hindi with English subtitles. Perhaps I should start a petition for a Sanskrit-language DLC pack for added authenticity? With a game manual available if you agree to memorise it under the tutelage of a guru.

Here’s the gameplay trailer:

And here’s the story trailer:

Asura will be available on PC, Mac and Linux only at the moment. You can get it from Steam, Humble Store or (no page yet). It is expected to be priced at $9.99 USD.

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