It all kicks off today. Euro 2016 is here at last and, along with all the hype surrounding star players and different formations, we also need our football fix between games. So here are some of the best mobile football games around.

With this in mind, I have selflessly spent a lot of time playing some of the best football games currently available to download to your phone or tablet. This is so that I can help you keep occupied while you are waiting for the Albania v Switzerland game (Saturday, 2PM GMT in case you are wondering…). So have a read, download a game, and enjoy the weeks ahead…

Football Manager Mobile 2016

£6.99 | Android | iOS


The grandaddy of all football management days, and responsible for many a lost hour (or days in my case).

You pick a team and take control, choose who plays and who doesn’t, decide on tactics and build your players skills with coaching staff.

You can choose teams from 14 different nations and play through a whole season, or why don’t you get into the spirit of Euro 2016 Euro by taking charge of your home country. Do you play Rooney upfront, at the tip of a midfield diamond, or not at all. Well, you can decide in this deeply, addictive management game which is perfect on tablets or larger phones. Just try not to get so absorbed that you miss the real Euro 2016 games (I once found myself checking up on it in a meeting, pretending I was checking something else… I did tell you it’s addictive…)

Score! Hero

Free | Android | iOS


Score! Hero is next on the this, and it is the complete opposite of Football Manager. Rather than managing a whole team, you instead take direct control of a single player.

Customise your players appearance (I don’t think you can get the Fellaini mop-head) and get playing for some of the biggest teams in the world.

With simple swipe controls it’s built from the ground up for mobile and feels intuitive to play. However, there is also a surprising amount of depth too, which rewards well thought-out decisions.

There are over 380 levels to beat as you build your player from teenage upstart to a football legend, so there’s a lot of content to keep you going throughout the tournament.

New Star Soccer

Free | Android | iOS


Okay so many of us had dreams of becoming a footballer. I used to sit in maths classes not thinking about my equations but fantasising about scoring the winning goal for my beloved Spurs in the FA cup final. It never happened, of course, Mainly because I was a bit rubbish. However, in New Star Soccer you can live out you dreams. For a little while at least.

You play as an up-and-coming footballer training up to be the next big thing. You also take control during key moments in matches, and play that killer pass, score a vital goal, or intercept the ball that was about to leave your defence wide open.

You also  take control of your player’s life as well, getting him a girlfriend, buying him a phone and going to casinos with your teammates. Can you make it to the top though…

Goal Finger

Free | Android | iOS


Okay, I have a confession to make. Every time I say Goal Finger I have the Bond theme tune to Goldfinger booming through my mind. That said, though, this is a fun simultaneous turn-based offering that can be played solo or against your friends. To play, you pick a series of moves in an attempt to get the ball in the back of the net and then watch them play out in real time.

Of course your opponent is also doing the same thing, so your moves may not go according to plan. There’s plenty of depth here, as you can upgrade all of your player’s abilities, recruit new players, and even fully customise your kit.

Tiki Taka Soccer

Free | Android | iOS


Tiki Taka Soccer is a retro style arcade game that invites you create your own team, employ staff, assign a bunch of tactics, and then lead them to league glory.

The controls have been built from the ground up for touchscreen and it results in silky, smooth gameplay. Great fun to play, and one that you will find yourself returning to often. Perfect for a bit of fun and half time of the England v Wales game.

Soccer Physics

Free | iOS


In any list of mobile football you have to include Soccer Physics. It may be a little bit silly, however it is an immensely fun multiplayer offering, which challenges you to score more messy, physics-based goals than your opponent. Imagine watching Peter Crouch upfront for Stoke, and you will see what I mean. Unfortunately, it is only available for iOS and not Android, which is the only downside.

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