Following its unveiling at the GEEK expo in February, Leda Entertainment are proud to announce details of their forthcoming game “Bopscotch” – a platform runner style game for Xbox 360, and Windows Phone, Android and iOS mobile devices.

Set in a colourful cartoon world, the player must guide their continually moving “Bopper” character across each course, timing their jumps and adjusting their speed in order to avoid the obstacles. The game features two modes of play: single-player adventure mode, and two-player race mode – the latter of these using a unique cross-platform battle system on the mobile versions, allowing players to race each other despite using devices running different operating systems.

“There’s a lot of things that make Bopscotch a bit different to other platform runner games out there – the ability to change speed and so on,” Ben Pritchard, principle developer of Bopscotch explains, “but the thing we’re really excited about is the cross-device racing. We don’t think anyone’s done anything quite like it before – real-time two player gaming between different mobile operating systems, and we’ve had a lot of very positive response from people we’ve demonstrated it to, so we have high hopes for Bopscotch.”

As well as for mobile platforms, Bopscotch will also be available for the Xbox 360, with the two player race played on in split-screen format. “The Xbox version came about due to the GEEK expo,” says Ben, “We had the demo version of a PC, and loads of the people who played it started asking if we were going to release for the Xbox or PC as well. We figured most of the code would just switch straight over, so decided to just go for it.”

Bopscotch is scheduled for release in September 2014, with a trial version being available for free. Exact launch dates and full-game prices for each platform will be confirmed closer to this time, along with further details of game features.

Leda Entertainment would like to acknowledge the work of the Monogame team (, whose framework was used to build the mobile versions of Bopscotch, and musicians Kevin MacLeod ( and Beniot Charcosset (, whose music make up the game’s soundtrack

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