Feel like playing a classic-style JRPG, but with a modern heart? Cosmic Star Heroine finally has a release date for PC and PS4, and it’s this April.

Cosmic Star Heroine has been in development for a while now. When its Kickstarter launched in October 2013, the game was estimated to release the next year. Now, it’s been well over 3 years, and the two-man studio Zeboyd Games has finally announced the game’s release date.

Cosmic Star Heroine will be released on 11th April, on PC and PS4. The game has been announced for two more platforms: Mac and PS Vita. Of these, Zeboyd has confirmed that the PS Vita version will be released at an unspecified date.

The game features cross-buy between PS Vita and PS4, however, so if you buy it for PS4, you can also play the PS Vita version when it comes out. According to the official Humble Store page, the game will be releasing on Mac and Linux as well, but it is unclear if the versions for these consoles will release alongside the PC version.

Cosmic Star Heroine puts you in the shoes of Alyssa L’Salle of the Agency of Peace & Intelligence, who uncovers a conspiracy that forces her to go rogue. Zeboyd Games has long been creating tributes to classic JRPGs, but Cosmic Star Heroine is their largest, most ambitious project yet (as evidenced by the long development process).

It’s loaded with a whole bunch of things that make a JRPG good: classic 16-bit graphics, a memorable soundtrack (by HyperDuck Soundworks), turn-based combat, and a wide cast of heroes. At the same time, the developers are taking care to ensure that the game has minimal grinding and a pace that respects your time.

Cosmic Star Heroine will be priced at $14.99 on release, but is currently available at $11.99 on Humble Store if you get it before release. You’ll get a Steam key alongside a DRM-free copy if you buy it from Humble Store, so that’s about the best option if you want to buy it on PC.

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