After touring PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Furi is arriving on the Nintendo Switch very soon. Have a look at the new trailer, featuring some very frantic action.

The last time we had a look at the difficult action game Furi, it was releasing on PC and PS4. It later made is way to the Xbox One, and is now releasing on the Switch later this month. Specifically, the game will be out on Nintendo’s eShop on 11th January. Blimey, that’s the coming Thursday. Pricing has been set at €19.99 /$19.99 /£17.99.

According to a post by developer The Game Bakers, the Switch version will be ‘feature complete’. This means that it will include all updates released previously released for the game, as well as the “One More Fight” DLC, which adds a new boss to the game. Players looking for an extra challenge sprinkled on their game can look to the ‘Furier’ difficulty mode, which will appear on a console for the first time.

The devs have also released a new trailer for the game in anticipation of the game’s Switch release. Have a look:

Furi is a boss rush action game, which means that you only fight bosses in the game, one after another. Your main character is able to fight with a gun and a sword, while dodging and parrying enemy attacks. It’s a fairly simple control system that will stretch you to your limits with its timing and reflex-based boss fight action.

You can presently get Furi on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game has a Very Positive rating from players on Steam, a 79 from critics on OpenCritic, and a 77 on MetaCritic.

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