In the Double Fine-published GNOG, you enter the heads of strange but colourful monsters called GNOGs and tinker with them to uncover the story within.

It’s hard to not have a reaction to GNOG when you see it in motion, so I’m going to buck the trend and start this post off with a trailer. Just look at it. Take your eyeballs out on a romantic dinner. Give them a damn massage.

There’s more colour in there than some entire game series put together. But right, onto the news. GNOG is coming out first on the PS4, and that’s happening on May 2nd. Best of all, the game will support PS VR right off the bat, so you can enter GNOG heads yourself.

The game is also planned to release on Steam (PC and Mac) and iOS later this year, but there’s no release dates for those versions yet.

GNOG is published by Double Fine, a studio well-known for its own love of the colourful and childlike. Development is being handled by KO_OP, a Montreal-based collective that has made an expansion for Lara Craft GO, amongst many artistically impressive indie projects.

The game itself was envisioned by illustrator Samuel Boucher as a 2D game, but even after its transition to 3D, it hasn’t lost its spark at all. Music is handled by Marskye, and it does more than just complement the game’s toybox aesthetic. The game’s levels have music and sound as a very important component, and one level even takes you inside the head of a boombox monster named PURP-L. Here’s a trailer showing off what it’s like to mess with its head:

GNOG has an official website you can check out here. If you’re already convinced and want it all over your face (or television screen), you can pre-order the game on PS Store here.

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