Prepare to stalk and murder your friends in secret, because Murderous Pursuits is getting a free weekend on Steam quite soon. Also, a new update, huzzah!

The motley passengers of Murderous Pursuits have been busily engaged in calculated slaughter since April this year. Now, the game is set to get a major update, ceremoniously titled Update 4. It drops on 2nd August, and will be free to existing owners of the game.

If you do not own the game, however, you can try it for free during the game’s free weekend. This free weekend will last from Thursday 2nd August (10 am PT / 6 pm BST) up to Sunday 5th August (1 pm PT / 9 pm BST). Should you like the game, you can also buy it at a discount over the weekend: 33% of the base game’s price, and 40% off the deluxe edition.

As for what’s in the update, you can expect a new game mode called Elimination. This is how it works:

Elimination is played across several rounds. Find and kill other players before they find and kill you. Each round assassinated players become spectators until there is only one survivor or the round timer expires. Avoid attacking innocent passengers. Highest favour score at the end of the game wins!

There’s a new map called The Library, and two new characters, the Saurian Hunter and the Privateer. A new ability called Subvert allows you to block other players’ abilities, and you will also be able to backstab unsuspecting victims now.

Murderous Pursuits is exclusive to PC. You can grab the game from Steam here (or play it for free next week). For more information, check out the official website here.

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