Rainswept will let you investigate a small-town murder when it releases in February

A detective with unresolved trauma is in a small town to investigate a supposed murder-suicide. What could go wrong? Rainswept will be out on PC and Mac.

The last time we had a look at Rainswept was half a year ago, and it was seeking funds over at IndieGoGo. Now it’s all grown up, geared up, and maybe even ground up for release. According to developer Frostwood Interactive, Rainswept will be out on 1st February. It will release only on PC and Mac, via Steam.

There’s a new release date trailer out for the game. Check it out below.

Rainswept puts you in the gritty shoes of Detective Michael Stone (he was an Anderson the last time we reported on the game, hmm), who has arrived at the small town of Pineview to investigate an apparent murder-suicide.

To get to the truth of the matter, you will have to partner with police officer Amy Blunt, talk to and interview the townsfolk, do investigate-y things that detectives do, and grapple with his own unresolved trauma as he presses on. The result is a point-and-click adventure that straddles the real with the surreal.

Developer Frostwood Interactive is based in Goa, India, and will be self-publishing the game. The studio is composed only of founder Armaan Sandhu, and this is Frostwood’s debut game. Sandhu appears to be handling almost everything about the game except its music, which is being composed by Micamic, whose work has previously appeared in the 2012 indie title The Cat Lady.

For information on the game, check out its official website here. There’s also a Steam page up here.

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