Your Switch may not be able to play VHS tapes, but Garage presents the next best thing: a blood-soaked, splatterpunk adventure complete with scanlines.

tinyBuild has announced a new exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, titled Garage. It’s a top-down shooter styled as a B-movie from the VHS era, and it’s got scanlines so you know it’s serious. It’s filled with gore, blood splatters and lots of mutants and/or undead foes to burn your bullets through. You play as ex-drug dealer Butch, and… that’s about it? You just slay a whole bunch of nasties. That’s the plot.

This is the sort of game that’s better watched than read about, so have a look at the trailer below.

You can’t have a shooter without a variety of weapons to shoot with. According to screenshots, Garage offers you at least a revolver, a submachine gun (MP5), an assault rifle (a Kalashnikov), and a shotgun. You also get an axe. No word on a chainsaw as of yet, though.

The game is developed by Zombie Dynamics, which appears to be based in Russia. This is its debut project. tinyBuild is handling publishing duties. The publisher has previously handled titles like Hello Neighbor, Punch Club, The Final Station, Lovely Planet and the Party Hard franchise.

You can get your hands on Garage earlier than most if you visit the tinyBuild booth at PAX East 2018, which takes place from 5th to 8th April in Boston. Keep an eye out for the bright orange booth. Check out the PAX East website here.

Garage is scheduled to release on Switch on 10th May. Have a look at the official website here.

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