Two souls is an amazing game about two souls that are lost in space and need to find their way out. In order to complete the game, you need to control both of the souls at once. The game starts off easy but once you get past the easy levels you won’t have it easy anymore.

When I played this, the first thing I looked at was how easy it is to understand it. If you can’t understand a game, it is worth nothing. It’s quite simple to get to the game but the tutorial that shows you how to play could be better. The graphics are outstanding. It shows how much effort Derp Studios has put into the graphics alone. Also, the background changes as you get further on in the game so I am guessing it took more than a week to do at least two to three backgrounds. Imagine doing that. Patience was definitely needed.

The game play was amazing though. It was interesting how after I played this I had more of an ability to control more than one thing at once. I loved the way the screen would move if one soul got further than the other until you couldn’t see the other soul.

You have to control both sides of the screen. You have little pads at each side of the screen. The left pad controls the left side and the right pad controls the right side. As you get further into the game they’ve placed little buttons. A few of them help you and a few of them don’t. I always try to avoid some of the unhelpful buttons but they make it so that you can avoid the helpful buttons but not the unhelpful buttons.

All in all I would rate the game 4/5, as some parts were weaker than others… And I’m hard to impress. You’d need to have some skills to be able to complete this game so I think I’d say you’d have to be about seven or eight plus to be able to play this but if you’re a small gamer who uses a lot of logic possible five years old and plus. I’d also definitely recommend this game and I think I’ve found a new game to play.

It’s available for Android and iPhones.


Ophelia Matthews-Smith

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