What mysteries lie on the island of Torla? You’ll have to explore, craft survive as a smol walking blob of a human to find out. And my, does it look quaint.

Now up on Kickstarter, Torla is about surviving on and exploring the island of, well, Torla. Apart from the usual duties of chopping wood, hunting animals, crafting things and solving puzzles, you’ll also get to meet strange denizens and interact with them. If this doesn’t sound terribly exciting, it’s because Torla is a game whose appeal is hard to describe. It’s best if had a look at the soothing trailer below.

Torla’s got a look going to it that I’m surprised no one has done before. If I had to sit down and analyse it, it could be that the camera doesn’t seem to follow the player, that the art is adorably simple and that things in the environment move just enough to suggest life without being too distracting. It all comes together to create a really calm, relaxing kind of atmosphere that’s unusual in survival games: a genre built on a concept of peril and fear.

The game is being developed by the two-man team of designer Holden Boyles and programmer Amir Uqdah, who are working under the Colorado-based outfit Canopy. They previously developed Qora, which wasn’t that distanced from their current project in theme and feel.

The Kickstarter has amassed, at the time of this writing, $4,118 out of its $36,000 goal. It will end at 1:59 PM UTC on 7th August.

Torla is in development for PC and Mac only, and there are no mentions of potential console or Linux versions on the Kickstarter page. The same page estimates a release window of October 2018, but be warned that Kickstarter reward windows are often unreliable.

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