TumbleSeed, in which you roll and balance a seed, now has an release date set for May. Here’s what it is, and when you can get to playing it.

TumbleSeed is really simple, in theory. You take a seed and balance it on a paddle, and it goes up a mountain. But along the way, there’s ominous holes, colourful distractions and a variety of things out to stop the seed from reaching its destination. Yep, this is possibly the only roguelike to star a seed.

The game has been confirmed for a May 2nd release date, and it will be launching on PC, Mac, PS4 and Switch. Of note is that the developers are very confident about the Switch version and its HD Rumble capabilities. Speaking to Nintendo Life about the Switch’s HD Rumble, designer Greg Wohlwend said, “It actually helps people sense where they are and what they’re doing in the game in a level of detail that’s meaningful far beyond “explosion” and “bigger explosion”.”

TumbleSeed’s aesthetic is scrumptious, like everything is made out of perfectly shaped candy. It contrasts well with the creepy, hideous holes that dot the mountain you will be climbing. It turns out, though, that your seed isn’t powerless before the many dangers it faces. Among the powers you have are the ability to fly above the paddle and the ability to make holes safe by summoning rain clouds.

Here’s a new trailer showing off the game and its multiple environments, while announcing the release date:

Rather than a studio name, the game’s development is credited to five developers: Benedict Fritz, Greg Wohlwend, Joel Corelitz, David Laskey and Jenna Blazevich. That’s pretty much just how they roll (forgive me).

You can get the game on Steam over here. The game also has an adorable official site here.

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